September 26th earthquake: Another doomsday?

Elenin. The comet that might end the world. Or is it? According to NASA it’s not a big deal. But according to Dr. Mensur Omerbashich, it is a big deal. So you may be asking yourself ‘how do I know what is going to happen?’ Well you really can’t answer that question. Neither can my article, but I can go into the history of Elenin and the theories that follow.

In this video, Eric Padden discuses the Elenin effect and how it has already caused a major earthquake each of the last three times it has aligned with our planet and sun. The next alighnment will occur on 9-26-11 and if the ring of fire continues its clockward rotation N. America will be do for a major Quake.

This is a Planetary Alignment Earthquake watch video, program used in this Heliocentric visual representation is Simsolarv2.0.

Elenin There is the projected trajectory of Elenin. Ok people. Here we go. At one end of the spectrum, you have NASA scientists who say that Elenin is nothing more than a comet comprising icy space debris with negligible mass that will have little effect on the Earth. On the other end, you have some scientists and private researches that claim Elenin is a large planetary body, possibly a brown dwarf, and its near approach will wreak havoc on the earth.

Most of the evidence for Elenin, aka Comet C/2010 X1, revolves around conspiracy theories involving a government cover up of an incoming brown dwarf by the name of planet x. This isn’t just conspiracy conjecture mind you. Planet X was first brought into the main stream by an article from the Washington Post, and another article from The New York Times back in 1983. Granted, this theory wasn’t given much thought, until Dr. Mensur Omerbashich wrote a ground breaking article, claiming that Elenin has been responsible for increased seismic activity in the past. He provides historic data on large earthquakes, greater than magnitude 6, and how these have occurred during planetary alignments. For example, he notes that the 9.1 earthquake that hit Indonesia on December 26, 2004 causing over 230,000 deaths around the Indian Ocean, occurred when the Earth, Mercury and Venus were in alignment. At first, the planetary alignment thesis seems puzzling since it’s not obvious what is happening during an alignment that would cause seismic behavior on Earth. Unfortunately Omerbashich doesn’t provide an answer for this, he merely shows historical examples of planetary alignment, and increased seismic activity. To understand what really happens during this time, we need to look at the plasma cosmology model.

Plasma cosmology is an astronomical model that suggests that the sun and planets are electrically charged celestial objects that exist in an electric field that is generated by the sun in a radial direction (like the spokes on a bicycle wheel) throughout the solar system. Charges flow through this electric field by virtue of the plasma particles that are constantly being released by the sun (aka solar wind). Plasma is the fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, and gas being the first three) and comprises free protons, neutrons, electrons and ions that make up atoms. Plasma is not electrically neutral, but is a superconductor that can carry electrical charges throughout the solar system (and indeed into interstellar and intergalactic space)

As electrical charges are distributed by plasma through the solar system, then different regions of space become electrically charged depending on their distance from the sun. Put simply, the sun comprises a large positive charge while the distant ends of the solar system form the most negatively charged regions of the solar system. In between, the electric field of the sun and the plasma currents flowing from it through space, provide electrical charges to planets, asteroids and comets depending on the nature of their orbits and proximity to one another.

Plasma discharges therefore regularly occur between celestial bodies. When a comet moves close to a planet or the sun, the comet’s electrical charge is significantly different in that region of the solar system’s electrical field. The accumulation of charge and/or a plasma discharge subsequently occurs. For example, when comets travel close to the sun, plasma discharges (aka Coronal Mass Ejections) have been observed to occur. Most astronomers are puzzled by such events which they currently regard as mere coincidence. For supporters of plasma cosmology, however, the sun’s behavior when comet’s approach is evidence of the plasma discharge that regularly occurs when two charged celestial bodies approach each other.

The plasma cosmology model gives us a means of understanding how the planetary alignments that Dr Omerbashich discusses are directly related to seismic activity. Essentially, when the Earth is aligned with two or more celestial bodies, then a plasma discharge occurs and seismic activity is stimulated. So now we can better understand how planetary alignments might cause seismic activity which Dr Omerbashich has observed in recent historical data.

On September 26, 2011 Elenin will pass between the Earth and sun and will be only 0.396 astronomical units from the Earth. Not the closest it will be to the Earth during its orbit, that occurs on October 16, but quite possibly the most significant for evaluating its seismic effect on Earth. According to the plasma cosmology model, the position of Elenin directly between the Earth and the sun will make it possible for the most powerful plasma discharge involving Elenin in relation to the Earth. The plasma discharge is likely to stimulate a spike in seismic activity during the August 1 to October 20 period when Dr Omerbashich predicts seismic activity will wane.

Another date to watch is November 23, 2011 when Elenin and the Earth will again be in direct alignment with the sun. This time Earth will be in the middle with Elenin only 0.596 AU away from the earth, and the sun on the other side. This alignment again makes possible a large plasma discharge leading to increased seismic activity.

So… in conclusion, I guess you could say that yes, evidence seems to support the idea of a major earthquake on Sept. 26th of this year. NASA says Elenin is nothing more than a simple comet. Evidence seems to suggest otherwise. But hey, all we can really do is wait. I would like to point out that I hope Elenin isn’t really a brown dwarf. brown dwarf As you can see, that isn’t really something you want passing so close to earth.


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